Paw & Order was born after Jo Cooper was forced to the NSW Supreme Court of Appeal to fight for pet families in Strata. She won and this book is a love letter to pets of all shapes and sizes. It celebrates the bond between pet owners and their fur-babies through beautiful imagery and heartfelt stories which are sure to bring a smile to your face. 

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After finding her strata home, musician Jo Cooper learnt the unfortunate news that her building had a blanket ban on pets. Jo, the owner of a miniature schnauzer named Angus, was left with two options – she could break the rules and sneak Angus into the building, or she could give her fur-baby up for adoption. The latter proved a thought too terrible to stand, so rather than ‘sneak the dog in and leave the by-laws alone’, as suggested by her strata committee and fellow pet owners in the building. Jo fought to change the law and took her battle all the way to the New South Wales Supreme Court of Appeal in hope that no one else would find themselves in the same situation again.

What followed was a long and gruelling five-and-a-half-year legal battle which culminated in Jo successfully changing the law, securing a victory for all strata owners, and positively affecting hundreds of thousands of apartment residents and their pets across the state of New South Wales.

During her battle, Jo was buoyed by the constant support of fellow pet owners who helped Jo keep going to her landmark victory. Paw & Order is a heartfelt thank you to the people (and their pets) who stood for real and lasting change – and won.

Multimedia collage

  • Woollahra Bookshop

    All smiles at my book signing at Woollahra Bookshop :)

  • Astro - Astro Boy

    Inside Paw & Order you will find beautiful photos and stories about our pets. Each with a unique meaning about our family unit with pets.

  • Angus - The Hero of The Story

    Our beautiful boy Angus was the reason we fought for all the Pets in Strata. His legacy will forever change the strata world and we are proud his case is being studied in Universities around Australia. We miss you, Angus.